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Sustainable Farming in Ajloun


The definition of sustainability is ‘to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’. Sustainable development is a balance of local and global efforts to meet basic human needs without destroying or degrading the natural environment.


Al Kifah Cooperative Society is working towards this end by providing people with healthy, nutritious food while helping to ensure a more sustainable environment. Al Kifah Cooperatives' farms are all situated on healthy soil and use purified water to nourish their crops.


Traditional farming methods have long been used in Ajloun and are still common practice on many farms in Ajloun, which means that the conversion to organic farming has been relatively easy for farmers. Additionally, many fields that have lain fallow for years were selected by Al Kifah to join their cluster of organic farms, meaning that the soil is highly fertile as it retains all the nutrients needed to grow healthy produce.


Our homemade recipes, preparation and storage are carried out with as little processing as possible in order to produce quality produce, with a natural and delicious taste. We believe in using the earth’s resources in a responsible manner so that they can be renewed and replenished for future generations to enjoy.


The farms and growers that make up our cluster of organic farms use quality soil that is not tainted with herbicides, chemical fertilization, pesticides, or fungicides and purified chlorine free water so that plants grow naturally. Our farms are inspected regularly by a third-party certifier, to ensure that we maintain clean areas to grow and prepare our produce. 

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