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Al-Kifah is an Arabic word which literary means "struggle" and it truly reflects the origins of this society. What started out as the dream of a few local women from Ajloun governorate in the north of Jordan, and was realized through their relentless hard work and perseverance during some difficult times. On April 5, 2004 a group of  ladies established Al-Kifah Society, under registration number 2391, which allowed them to carry out sustainable micro, small and medium projects. The society’s members now number 53  women from all over Ajloun. 


Our Society's Objectives:


Our Society aims to improve not only the individual well-being of the members and their families, but also to contribute to combating poverty and reducing unemployment rates in the rural areas of Ajloun. Although Ajloun is well-known for its highly educated population, poverty and unemployment is still widespread in the area, particularly among women.  



1. Execute sustainable micro, small and medium size projects in fields that match members’ academic and practical qualifications, in order to create new job opportunities. The society’s focus is currently on agricultural projects.  

2. Enhance the role of women as productive and integral parts of Ajloun society, to effect a positive change of attitudes towards women in the workplace.   

3. Upgrade the level of social and environmental consciousness among the local community through lectures and mini training sessions. 

4. Contribute to the upgrade of local products and services for the domestic market, which generally suffer from poor presentation, in collaboration with local official directorates and the private sector.  

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In order to join the cluster of organic farms, begin applying for IMO certification and to qualify to receive incentives, all farmers and growers are required to participate in three workshops conducted by Al Kifah Cooperative Society:


1. The Basics of Organic Farming Techniques: Build and enhance knowledge of organic farming techniques, and receive directions on appropriate and approved methods of farming.


2. The Handling of Produce after Harvesting: How to decrease the amount of wasted produce, and categorizing the produce into Grade A (sold at Souq Al Shams Farmers Market) and Grade B for local market demand in Ajloun and Irbid.


3. Packing Training: How to properly package the produce according to guidelines.



All Jordan Youth Commission awarded Al Kifah Cooperative Society the ‘Knights of Change’ award in 2008.


In 2012, Al Yasmin Organic Agro Cluster was awarded the ‘King Abdullah II Award for Youth Innovation and Achievements’.


His Majesty King Abdullah II bestowed medals on Al Kifah Cooperative Society in 2012, in recognition of its efforts in building the country and advancing its development.


Al Kifah Society was also awarded the ‘King Abdullah II Award for Youth Innovation and Achievements’ in 2012.

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